Instant chat, voice, video, screensharing, file and document sharing functionality!

No software installation required, just use your Chrome browser. To receive calls stay on the frontpage or in the video room.

A chat session instantly can be established (in addition to audio, video and screensharing)

You can communicate with your contacts by email (or by Web-conferencing)

Screensharing is an integrated conferencing feature in addition to chat, voice and video

Create, edit, store and share wiki documents easily with your groups

Upload and share your files with your groups in a swift manner


If you and your colleague both are registered, have enabled contact and are logged on the service, lookup the person you want to communicate with using the "Lookup user:" input box above. If you and your colleague both NOT are registered at the service, simply click one of buttons for creating account/adding contact first. You also can setup a conference without an account by a shared URL