Find travel friends in foreign countries

Do you want to establish contact with a friend in another country? This is a social community based solely on your new friends in exciting countries. Maybe because you want to travel there, or maybe just because you want to know more about that place or person

How to find your new travel friends

You may search for new travel friends in any country based on city or country. E.g. search for "Oslo" or "Norway". Or on names. If you want to become friends with one of these send an invitation to the person (click on the video/mail icon on the listing)

Check out your potential travel friends images from their homeplace

After looking up a person, click on the link to their travel room to see all the public images and texts they have published!

How to publish your own images from your own place

To fully utilize this service, create an account. Then you can logon and publish your own images and texts

How to communicate with your new travel friends

This service supports chat, audio, video, SMS and email communication as well as documentsharing, imagesharing. Both users should be registered and online to be able to use all the features