Communication service instructions

This communications service is available here: (not that the URL have changed since these images was taken, this applies for all the images below).

How to use the service is explained on the frontpage mentioned above, however, here are some more in-depth instructions.

No software installation etc. is required, juse use your Chrome Web browser to get all the features, it cant be simpler than this. The service can be used in two modes, logged in with access to all the features or not logged in but still able to setup a multi-party audio/video/screenshare conference.

It is also possible to set a conference call from social community part of the service available here (when you lookup a person on the community service there is a clickable voice, video and screensharing symbol to the right which redirects to this conferencing part of the service):


LM 1 m

(1) Deprecated

(2) In order to create a multiparty audio/video/screenshare conference by a shared URL without an account, you may click on the click here to create a conference without an account button. NONE of the participants must be logged in in this mode and ONLY the creator of the conference must have that particular LoopMeet Web page open in the browser, the other users getting invited by the creator must not have any LoopMeet Web pages open in advance

LM 5

On this menu the following features are supported:

  • My contacts (not on the picture)Your contacts, also applies for the travel (-friend) service 
  • My video room. Support for audio and video
  • My chat room. Deprecated and moved into the My community room under the My rooms tab
  • My document room. Deprecated and moved into the My community room under the My rooms tab
  • My file room. Deprecated and moved into the My community room under the My rooms tab
  • My travel friends. This actually is another service, a find a travel friend service described further here
  • My fun roomDeprecated

LM 7

When you start an audio or video conference, this is the page you will work in. How to start a conference is described further below.

LM 8 m

This page implies you are logged in.

(1) You may add a personal contact so that you fully can communicate with that person by clicking on the click here to add a contact and enter the email address of your acquaintance. Since the image was taken you can now choose between making a pure conferencing contact or a full social community contact comprising also the non-conferencing features as making groups, chat, share photos, images and more

(2) When you are logged onto the service and want to communicate with your contacts, look that person up in the search field or simply click on the My internal contacts button. Then you can click on the relevant symbol related to that person in order to start a audio, video, chat, mail or screenshare conference

(3) Deprecated

(4) This buttons (My internal contacts) lists all your personal contacts on this service

LM 9

For simplicity only one group of contacts is supported on this service, within your group, everybody can see and communicate with each other.

The video symbol starts an audio and video conference.

The audio symbol start an audio conference.

The screenshare symbol (two screens) start a screensharing conference.

The text symbol start a chat session (it redirects to the chat functionality of the community part of the service).

The combined video and email symbol makes it possible to send an email to this person.

The red circle with and X in the middle instantly deletes this contact from your contact list/group without any warnings.

This is important: In order to be able to receive a call/conference remember to have the Website open on the home page or on the video room page.