Simply click here to add a contact and start a conference with your friend or colleague now!



Pass on the contact details of your employees and they all will be able to communicate together

Instant chat, voice, video, screensharing, email or SMS conference!

Optionally you can synchronize your Google and Twitter contacts.

No software installation required, just use your Chrome browser.

A non-disturbing communication client with no notifications on who is online/offline etc.

A chat session instantly can be established (in addition to audio, video and desktopsharing)

You can take advantage of all your contacts made on the service, all your Google contacts as well as Norwegian yellow and white pages contacts

You can communicate with your contacts by email (SMS or by Web-conferencing)

You can communicate with your contacts by SMS (email or by Web-conferencing)

Screensharing is an integrated conferencing feature in addition to chat, voice and video

Create, edit, store and share wiki documents easily with your groups

Upload and share your files with your groups in a swift manner


If you and your colleague both are registered at the service, lookup the person you want to communicate with using the "Lookup user:" input box above (make sure you have logged onto the service first). If you and your colleague both NOT are registered at the service, simply click the large "CLICK HERE TO ADD A CONTACT......." button above. Then you automatically add this contact to your contact list.